The Friends of Congress Square Park

The park in the heart of downtown Portland, Maine

The Friends of Congress Square Park

The Friends of Congress Square Park was born out of a need to preserve and protect this jewel in the crown of our city, which has been neglected by the city for years. We are committed to restoring this important public resource as a central performing arts performance venue and gathering space for the thousands of residents in the neighborhood of the park and for visitors to our fair city of Portland, Maine.

On Sept. 6th, 2013 the Friends of Congress Square Park submitted a Citizens’ Initiative that would amend the City Code and protect Portland Parks from being too easily sold. Unfortunately the City challenged our right to petition and we had to take them to court to release it to us. (For details on this see our website page Lawsuit.)

Our Parks Initiative is a change in the code that will basically require something more than just a simple 5 vote majority of City Council to sell a park or public open space. This is a much needed measure given the current city councils’ catering to developers.

To familiarize yourself with the ordinance amendment we’ve provided a link to the Summary and Ordinance.


Plea for Financial Support

Our Mission is to be the future stewards of the park, bringing in a new era of events and caretaking to what has been a city-neglected park. We also find ourselves in a struggle with the city to keep the park alive. Our volunteer force has made heroic efforts working towards our goals over the past year.
Financial contributions from you will help us as we simultaneously work to protect other Portland Public Parks from the same fate.
The city council in it’s vote to sell the park and the city attorney’s attempt to block our petition is unfortunate to the process. We’d like to see a resolution of this as soon as possible only it’s too bad that the city is dragging this out.
In the end our lawsuit will win, as the city’s arguments in denying our petition are weak and in my opinion an obvious attempt to put a block in our way with the assumption that we wouldn’t fight back.
With your help we are fighting back.

Thank You for your Support.

[note: We are a Maine Non-Profit and NOT a Federal 501c3. At this time your donation would not be tax deductible. We sincerely hope this will not inhibit you from your support.]