Building Safe and Supportive Community

Posted: July 8, 2019 | Category

Friends of Congress Square Park is invested in safety in the park for all visitors. This year, we’ve been offering training resources to our... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight-Pat!

Posted: July 5, 2019 | Category

Meet Pat, this week’s volunteer spotlight! Pat is one of the original advocates for Congress Square Park. She joined a group in 2012 to oppose... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight- April!

Posted: June 28, 2019 | Category

Meet April, this week’s volunteer spotlight! April is one of our newest volunteers and in her short time volunteering in the square has... Read More

July Printable Calendar Available!

Posted: June 24, 2019 | Category

July is jam packed! What's notable in July? Well, you'll get to enjoy: More weekly wellness offerings - including Nia and Zumba! The weekly... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight- Maya!

Posted: June 21, 2019 | Category

This week’s volunteer spotlight is our dear Maya! Maya has been involved in volunteering in Congress Square Park as an integral member of our... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: David!

Posted: June 14, 2019 | Category

Meet David, this week’s Volunteer Spotlight!   David is one of the original founders of Congress Square Park in 2014 and has been... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight - Tim!

Posted: June 6, 2019 | Category

Meet Tim! This week, I am pleased to present Tim as our volunteer spotlight! Tim hosts a weekly Check Mates event in the square during which... Read More

Printable June Calendar Available!

Posted: May 31, 2019 | Category

June is jam packed! What's notable in June? Well, you'll get to enjoy: More weekly wellness offerings - including Nia and Zumba! The brand... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Perry!

Posted: May 24, 2019 | Category

Meet Karen, this weeks Volunteer Spotlight! This week our volunteer spotlight is Karen Perry, also known as Creative Karen. She’s been a staple... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Nina Frank!

Posted: May 17, 2019 | Category

Meet Nina, this weeks Volunteer Spotlight! Nina (pictured on the right) began volunteering in 2015 when she came to the coast of Maine in search... Read More

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