Hidden Ladder Collective presents ARTCADE

Interactive art games including… 

  • Spin O’Clock: Interact with the performance by spinning a colorful wheel to bring the performers to life and determine their next move. Abbeth Russell, Myles Bullen and John “Sighless” Supinski will juggle, create live art, play music and improvise poetry throughout this dynamic spectacle. The fate of the performance lies in the hands of Spin O’Clock.
  • Art Ball: Art ball is a game where children and the audience get to throw paint balls at artists and paint a giant mural during the process. Art ball will be run by William Hessian and Myles Bullen
  • Ladder Person Slot Machine: A giant sculpture that can be interacted with like a slot machine to win art prizes
  • Art Bell Ringer: A ball throwing game where people try to throw balls into a work of art. Ring the bell, win art.

The Hidden Ladder Collective is a rapidly growing tidal wave of creative energy based out of Portland, Maine.  In this collective, painters are musicians are filmmakers are writers are photographers are activists are sculptors. The boundaries between mediums have been shattered.  We are all creators.  We are buskers, inventors, collaborators, activists, strategists, and performers. We are accountable to art.  We are resourceful.  We make art out of anything and everything.  Boredom is unacceptable.