Meet Christine, this week’s Volunteer Spotlight!

Christine is another one of the original park saviors. She served on the original campaign to save the park. Since then she has volunteered in a myriad of capacities. She brings her enthusiastic energy to the park during events as one of our cherished Event Ambassadors! She is a great announcer and always does her best to connect with performers and park goers at events. Her favorite event to work this summer was the Rwandan drumming and dance event! In addition to volunteering at events Christine helps with clean up and set up days, gardening in the park, and with event promotion.

When Christine is in the park she embodies the vibrancy of the space! She is so friendly, ensuring that people feel welcome and celebrated as participants in the park! Christine started volunteering as a way to connect and give back to her community. Through her volunteer experiences she has met many new people and had the opportunity to watch communities weave together within the space.

When she is not in the park Christine works as a school Nurse and enjoys doing yoga, meditation, music, biking, and making delicious food. One fun fact about Christine is that she participates in local theatre productions. She recently played a Murderess in a local Shakespeare production. She says, “It was fun and challenging. It is not my nature to play a villain!”

We are so grateful for all the support Christine gives in the park. She is a light in the space every time she is there. Thank you, Christine! WE APPRECIATE YOU!

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