This week we are happy to showcase the amazing volunteerism of Nick Kaufman as this week’s volunteer spotlight.

As a longtime lover of Congress Square Park, Nick was delighted to join the park’s “Audience Engagement Committee this spring. On the committee, he serves as a voice for the people, helping to brainstorm relevant and engaging event ideas! He has also just recently started to volunteer as an Event Ambassador. Nick expressed how he loved the collaborative process of creating the event schedule and was impressed by the community aspect in park functioning!

His favorite part about volunteering has been his experience as an observer of the park. He watches regular volunteers and park dwellers maintain and keep the space thriving by being there as good neighbors. He wrote, “Some of the best custodians aren’t even official volunteers, just ordinary folks who keep an eye out for the space and each other.”

True to his observant nature, when asked if he had any good stories from his time in Congress Square Park he wrote, “The park is empty a lot during the winter but one day after a snowstorm I walked by and was psyched to see someone in bright spandex with headphones practicing a dance right in the middle of the snow drifts. I hope we can figure out more ways to use the park this winter!” Winter dance classes may not be a bad idea!

Nick takes his observations and quiet attentiveness to the space and brings that into his creative perspective on the Audience Engagement Committee. He is kind and always willing to lend a hand if he is simply passing by. Through his volunteerism, Nick has also met our previously spotlighted, Mark Wakefield. For Nick, the perfect day includes a hot dog and a cold drink with Mark, who reminds Nick all winter that the Hot Dog Guy is nearly back.

Thank you, Nick for all of your time, attention, and creativity in the park. YOU ROCK!

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