This week I am happy to highlight one of our newest volunteers, Emma!

Emma began volunteering her time in the square this summer and so far has been a lively addition to the crew! At first, Emma was hesitant to add another commitment to her already busy schedule as a full time student, but chose to volunteer to be a part of a “beautiful and enriching part of the Portland experience.” She is excited to attend more events throughout the season and experience art she otherwise would not have known about.

Emma has been captivated thus far by the sense of community within Congress Square Park. She writes, “Whether that is other volunteers, performers, or people who have made it a habit to attend, I love to see old friends and make new ones!” One notable example so far was at the Idea’s Not Theories performance, in which another fellow volunteer, Tammy supported Emma throughout the night. Tammy happened to be in the square to attend the event, and chose to help Emma with volunteer duties throughout the night. Emma described feeling welcomed and grateful for the help of an experienced volunteer.

Outside of the square, Emma is a full time student at the University of Southern Maine and describes the only essential thing in a perfect day is coffee. Simple! Emma shared a fun fact in her interview as well. Emma has a super strong immune system! She wrote, “I only get sick about once a year, usually a mild cold, because when my twin sister and I were in the womb my mom did a sky-clad, pagan ritual for our health. True story.” In other words, we can always rely on her to be healthy and energized for her volunteer shifts.

Thank you Emma, for your bright and welcoming presence in the square. WE APPRECIATE YOU!

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