Meet Steve, this weeks Volunteer Spotlight!

Steve has been a volunteer and advocate of the park for many years. I think of Steve as the park’s resident guardian. He can often be found relaxing in one of the bright orange Adirondack chairs after a long day of walking. He does so right up until it is time to set up for an event at which point, he jumps up with a willing hand and begins moving the furniture and planters without ever being asked. He is generous with his time as a volunteer and frequenter of the space and above all welcoming to all of those who come in.

Though I have never seen Steve up and dancing at one of our live music or social dance events, he is nearly always in attendance, bobbing his head from the Adirondack chairs and interacting with other park guests. At our last Salsa Event I interviewed Steve for this very spotlight and asked what he drew him to Congress Square Park. He said repeatedly, “This park is fun and safe and the people are the kindest ever.¬†This is something worth saving.”

Steve is a self described cowboy. If you find him in the park, it is well worth your time to sit down with him and ask for a fun fact about his earlier life. Steve is full of stories from his days living out west and all over the country. We are so grateful for Steve’s diligent presence, his incredible work ethic, resilience and good humor! Oh what a joy to know our community.

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