Meet Ollie, this week’s volunteer spotlight!

Ollie is one of our youngest and longest standing volunteers in the park. His Mom and Dad, last week’s volunteer spotlights Bree Lacasse and Chris Moore have been advocates for the space since its early beginnings. (You can read more on their contributions here!) Ollie has participated as a volunteer with them since then.

Every spring you can find him supporting a large crew of volunteers at our annual Spring Clean Up and Gardening days in the park. He is certainly not afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to volunteering. He loves to help his Dad, Chris, drill together the colorful benches which patrons enjoy all season long. Over the years Ollie has volunteered as an Event Ambassador and Park Steward. His mom, Bree, and him hosted the Wednesday night events and Ollie proved to be an excellent MC and announcer. One of Ollies favorite park traditions is opening up the park on his walk to school with his Mom. While straightening out the chairs and sweeping the floor is always fun, the task becomes extra fun when afterwards they head to Coffee By Design for a Holy Donut.

Outside of volunteering, Ollies perfect day includes breakfast on the stoop with his parents, and any time he gets to spend outside skiing or jumping off of his dock, swimming and running around in nature. If you find him in the park, he might want to teach you how to play Trash, a card game or draw with chalk too. I always enjoy when Ollie is in the park for Social dance events or live music because his friendly demeanor and willingness to help make me feel welcome!

Ollie is truly a passionate bundle of joy. When I asked him about what he liked about volunteering he said, “I think this park is cool because all sorts of people can come together and dance and play games and they might not know each other if the park weren’t here.” And he is absolutely right! People find common ground in Congress Square Park and it is amazing to witness.

Thank you so much for all that you do, Ollie! WE APPRECIATE YOU!

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