Meet Sean, this week’s Volunteer Spotlight!


Sean has been one of our oldest patrons in the park and attends most of the events during our summer season. He can often be found in the afternoon lounging at one of the bright tables enjoying the weather with some friends and other park regulars. When the time comes for event set up, Sean is a huge help with moving furniture, taking down umbrellas, and putting up parking signs. Sean sits in the back during events and quietly observes the park happenings. His presence is sweet, caring, contentious, and helpful.

Sean enjoys the music and dancing events in the park, though he had a hard time choosing his favorite types of events. Sean is content with experiencing new types of performances in the park. He comes to events with an open mind and loves to meet new performers and guests.

When he is not in the park, Sean’s ideal day includes good weather, movies, and some delicious Thai food! Sometimes, on movie nights in the Park, his ideal day happens all in the park! We are so appreciative for all of the help that Sean gives in the park!

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