Concept Design Meeting & Request for Feedback

Over 100 people attended the latest public meeting of the Congress Square Redesign and Public Art Commission project held on December 15th at the Westin Hotel.  The design team, WRT and Sarah Sze studio, presented the latest iterations of the CS design and public art concepts and solicited feedback from attendees. You can view the full presentation here, or watch the CTN video of the meeting here.

The goal of the meeting was to determine if the concept is moving in the right direction and if it meets our community’s vision for the space, our needs for improved pedestrian circulation and accessibility, and our desired programs. You can read the full vision statement and program requirements here.

Based on past public visioning sessions, the desired “programs” to be accommodated in the new design are the following:

Desired Characteristics:

  • Pedestrian Priority (less car dominance)
  • Public and Open/Inviting, Accessible (all ages, abilities)
  • Neighborhood/Community space


  • Access to Green Space/Natural Elements/Enjoying Outdoors
  • Food/Eating
  • Performances
  • Events (that activate the entire square ‐ First Friday Art Walk, Markets)
  • Play & Education (all ages)
  • Other day-to-day uses


  • Seating (varied types/ conditions to accommodate dining, people‐watching, resting, reading, sun/shade)
  • landscaped spaces
  • water or natural play feature

This is YOUR park and we want YOUR feedback. Does the concept achieve our programming needs? Is it more accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities?  Is there improved pedestrian circulation throughout the square? Does the design accommodate our desired characteristics, activities, and elements? Is the space flexible enough?

The Project Team is soliciting comments until January 15th.  Please take a moment to complete the survey below and help us shape the future of Congress Square Park!

Concept Comments

  • Your favorites can include design elements as well as programming elements, such as the colorful amenities, planters, and events.
  • Please focus on design elements - materials, layout, sunken aspect, or lack of certain amenities.
  • The concept is still in early development and can still change. You are welcome to tell us that it needs to go in a completely different direction, or simply that certain aspects need to evolve to meet the community vision.
  • Is it easy to enter the park for people of all ages and physical abilities, i.e. strollers, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Is it easy for pedestrians to navigate the street crossings, traverse the park area, get from the PMA plaza to the park, etc.
    Check those elements you think are addressed well by the design concept.
  • Are there needs the concept does not address, or that are not correctly prioritized?



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