Meet Amy, this week’s volunteer spotlight!

Amy’s volunteering began when she started attending FoCSP operations meetings shortly after starting to work for Portland Downtown in 2016. Amy serves as the Program Director at Portland Downtown which supports cleanliness and safety in the community which means her work is directly linked to the goings on in the park.

She describes her evolution into more volunteering by saying, “After getting to know board members, staff, and other volunteers, I wanted to do more. In addition to the operations meetings, I helped early this season with planting and weeding in the park, and I assist other volunteers with park set-up each week – cleaning tables, arranging tables and chairs, picking up trash, etc.” Her handy work in the park each week is part of what keeps it an inviting and vibrant space!

Her favorite part about volunteering is meeting community members in the park! She finds that while relaxing or volunteering in the park, she always sees someone she knows or gets to make a new friend! The phenominal familiarity of the space reminds us that though Portland may feel increasingly urban, it still holds the charms of small town interconnectedness and interactions. Amy tells a tory that is a great example of this.

“While gardening in the park, I met a woman who turned out to be a yoga colleague’s mother (I’m a yoga student and teacher). Portland is such a small town!”

In Amy’s perfect day, she makes time to be in Portland’s pockets of nature to rejuvenate. She enjoys any of the downtown’s ten public parks, the Longfellow House garden, or by enjoying 70 miles of trails and green space supported by Portland Trails.

Amy is such a warm and cheerful presence in the Portand community and we are so lucky to have her as a volunteer! Thank you, Amy. WE APPRECIATE YOU!

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