Welcome our new Seasonal Volunteer Coordinator!

Meet Gretta Buckley!

Friends of Congress Square Park has hired a seasonal Volunteer Coordinator, Gretta Buckley. Gretta brings a wealth of experience working with people of all ages- from infants to elders. Gardening and writing, media management and dance — she’s as eclectic as our programming.

Gretta will be working with us to recruit, train and place volunteers this season. If you’re interested in being a park steward or team volunteer, reach out to Gretta at volunteer (at) congresssquarepark.org!

We asked Gretta what she was looking forward to in her new role. She said, “I am really excited to gain the perspectives of a wide range of people and work with them to find ways to make a beautiful place even more inviting for all! I love to create space that has arms wide open, and volunteers are a foundation of creating that space. I’m humbled to be a part of that.”

As to favorite experiences in parks, she cherishes memories of rolling down a big hill of a local park in her home town with her sister. “Oh the freedom! Oh the grass stains!” she recalled.

Sitting in a park in Burlington, Vermont where the Farmers Market was hosted was another memory. “In the center of the park there was a fountain still empty of water from the winter. I sat with a bouquet of flowers and some delicious sugar snap peas and watched the flow of hundreds of people making their way through the farmers market in t-shirts and shorts despite the fact that it was only 60 degrees. It felt like everyone had come out to dawn their “I survived winter, it is now officially spring” badges. It felt like a celebration! Being able to sit alone and enjoy personal silence while being surrounded by a lot of happy people, just glad to be outside and flowing around others makes me smile.”

Meet Gretta in the Square from May through September. Or reach out to her here now to volunteer!


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