Volunteer Spotlight- April!

Meet April, this week’s volunteer spotlight!

April is one of our newest volunteers and in her short time volunteering in the square has already made a big positive impact. April volunteers as an Event Ambassador in the Square. She was inspired to join us after watching an elementary school talent show, where she was reminded of how much she loves being involved in the arts community of Portland!

Throughout her experience volunteering in the Square, April has been able to reconnect to the arts community that she loves and meet many new people! She describes, “There’s such a variety in who comes to – or even performs for – these events and it’s amazing to be able to interact with all of them and share the experiences we have together in Congress Square.”

She has enjoyed being a part of the connection in the Square that happens both during and outside of events. For example, one night as April was walking through the Park with a fresh Otto’s pizza, she met a woman named Kathy. Kathy and her, complete strangers, sat sharing a pizza and chatting about their favorite events that happen in Congress Square Park. Kathy solidified for April how important it is to maintain free and public space in urban areas.

Outside of volunteering April does illustration, programming, and co-runs an independent game company called Lonely Cryptid Media. She describes the components of her perfect day as nice weather, a great breakfast, and a plethora of time to make art!

Thank you, April for cultivating connection and sharing your artistry with us in the Square! WE APPRECIATE YOU!

To meet April and other awesome volunteers in the park, check out one of our upcoming events here: http://congresssquarepark.org/events/

And to learn more about volunteering with us check out: http://congresssquarepark.org/volunteer/ OR contact: <volunteer@congresssquarepark.org>


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