Volunteer Spotlight: Christine!

Posted: November 1, 2019 | Category

Meet Christine, this week's Volunteer Spotlight! Christine is another one of the original park saviors. She served on the original campaign to... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Sean!

Posted: October 4, 2019 | Category

Meet Sean, this week’s Volunteer Spotlight!   Sean has been one of our oldest patrons in the park and attends most of the events... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Ollie!

Posted: September 13, 2019 | Category

Meet Ollie, this week's volunteer spotlight! Ollie is one of our youngest and longest standing volunteers in the park. His Mom and Dad, last... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Chris and Bree!

Posted: September 6, 2019 | Category

This week’s volunteer Spotlight’s are Bree Lacasse and Chris Moore. Yes, indeed it is our first dynamic duo! The couple have been... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Steve!

Posted: August 30, 2019 | Category

Meet Steve, this weeks Volunteer Spotlight! Steve has been a volunteer and advocate of the park for many years. I think of Steve as the park's... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Emma!

Posted: August 23, 2019 | Category

This week I am happy to highlight one of our newest volunteers, Emma! Emma began volunteering her time in the square this summer and so far has... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight- Roseanne!

Posted: August 16, 2019 | Category

Meet Roseanne, this week's volunteer spotlight! Roseanne is one of Congress Square Park's pioneering volunteers and her devotion has carried her... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Nick!

Posted: August 1, 2019 | Category

This week we are happy to showcase the amazing volunteerism of Nick Kaufman as this week’s volunteer spotlight. As a longtime lover of... Read More

Building Safe and Supportive Community

Posted: July 8, 2019 | Category

Friends of Congress Square Park is invested in safety in the park for all visitors. This year, we’ve been offering training resources to our... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight-Pat!

Posted: July 5, 2019 | Category

Meet Pat, this week’s volunteer spotlight! Pat is one of the original advocates for Congress Square Park. She joined a group in 2012 to oppose... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight- April!

Posted: June 28, 2019 | Category

Meet April, this week’s volunteer spotlight! April is one of our newest volunteers and in her short time volunteering in the square has... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight- Maya!

Posted: June 21, 2019 | Category

This week’s volunteer spotlight is our dear Maya! Maya has been involved in volunteering in Congress Square Park as an integral member of our... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: David!

Posted: June 14, 2019 | Category

Meet David, this week’s Volunteer Spotlight!   David is one of the original founders of Congress Square Park in 2014 and has been... Read More

Volunteer Spotlight - Tim!

Posted: June 6, 2019 | Category

Meet Tim! This week, I am pleased to present Tim as our volunteer spotlight! Tim hosts a weekly Check Mates event in the square during which... Read More

Open Call for 2016 Arts Programming Submissions

Posted: December 17, 2015 | Category

Calling All Artists / Musicians / Filmmakers / Poets / Dancers/ Performers Do you have an idea for a public event or art interaction in Congress... Read More

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