Volunteer Spotlight: Mark Wakefield!

This week our volunteer spotlight, is long-time park participant, Mark Wakefield! Mark is a local Portland crossing guard who take wonderful pride in what he does to give back to his community. In the park, Mark is present for all volunteer events, always willing to help enthusiastically with maintaining the beauty of the space. We can always count on Mark to have an eye on the weather forecast and to keep us in the loop on the probability of sunshine.

Among all of his helpful tasks, Mark’s favorites are putting up the umbrellas every morning and interacting with all of the friendly people in the Square. He loves to be there to experience the bustling hubbub of events. He is especially happy when there is live music, people dancing, and the smell of the Hot Dog Stand grilling delicious food!

When asked what his ideal day would be like, he responded with, “A lot of Tina Turner music. Maybe an all-day Tina Turner concert.” Maybe someday we can have a Tina Turner Dance Party in the park and make our dear friend, Mark’s, dream come true!

            Thank you for the light you bring to Congress Square!


To meet Mark, and other awesome volunteers in the park, check out one of our upcoming events here: http://congresssquarepark.org/events/

And to learn more about volunteering with us check out:http://congresssquarepark.org/volunteer/ OR contact: volunteer@congresssquarepark.org .

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