Volunteer Spotlight: Nina Frank!

Meet Nina, this weeks Volunteer Spotlight!

Nina (pictured on the right) began volunteering in 2015 when she came to the coast of Maine in search of connection within the Arts Community of Portland. She stumbled upon the square and was so delighted to meet the Friends. She has been involved ever since that first year when she helped plan the “Pumpkins in the Square” Event. She now serves on our Board and is a regular Event Ambassador throughout the season!

When asked what her favorite part about volunteering is, she responded, “My favorite part about volunteering is it allows me to feel like a part of the city. I’m passionate about supporting arts events that are barrier-free and welcoming of everyone.” She loves the park for its ability to bring community members together in the name of free and public art, to foster as she puts it so beautifully, “a deepened sense of connectedness to the place they live.”

Nina describes this deepened sense of community in a story from this years Yellow Tulip Project’s Hope Day event. It was a celebration of mental health awareness which included musical performances and storytelling from young community members. Hearing teenagers share so freely was a beautiful way to emerge from winter and into that connectedness that comes with Spring in the Square. This event blended two of Nina’s personal passions: people and art! As a recent graduate of the University of New England’s Master’s program in Social Work, Nina is super excited to be a mental health clinician and advocate for art-as-therapy.

Finally, when asked what her perfect day included, she responded, “Fresh air, hugs, exchanges with strangers, music, and tears of joy.” It is a good list, I’d say and thankfully, all of which, are available at Congress Square Park!

Thank you so much for your vibrant presence! WE APPRECIATE YOU!

To meet Nina and other awesome volunteers in the park, check out one of our upcoming events here: http://congresssquarepark.org/events/

And to learn more about volunteering with us check out:http://congresssquarepark.org/volunteer/ OR contact: volunteer@congresssquarepark.org .



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