Volunteer Spotlight – Tim!

Meet Tim!

This week, I am pleased to present Tim as our volunteer spotlight! Tim hosts a weekly Check Mates event in the square during which he coaches chess players of all levels on how to improve their game! Tim’s extensive chess knowledge and skill which began on his high school chess team, has been honed throughout years of practice. He began volunteering in the Square to interact with other chess lovers and we are so lucky to have his expert skills on Saturday mornings!

Tim favorite part about volunteering is the way in which he is able to connect with people over a shared interest and pass on some of his wisdom. One of his fondest park memories is of witnessing blooming friendship! He describes noticing two ten-year old’s, his friends’ children, happen to be in the same park at the same time and having the perfect place to play together.

For Tim, there are few things more delightful than teaching chess outdoors on a Saturday morning. Tim’s perfect day he says, is a Saturday! He describes it by saying, “…above 65, sunny, not too windy is a good start.  Having 3+ boards going is nice.  Familiar faces and smiles are good.  A pastry never hurts!” He also says that in two years, he has only been forced inside on a Saturday maybe three times. His passion for chess thrives rain or shine!

You bring so much wisdom, Tim. WE APPRECIATE YOU!

To play Tim at chess and meet other awesome volunteers in the park, check out one of our upcoming events here: http://congresssquarepark.org/events/

And to learn more about volunteering with us check out:http://congresssquarepark.org/volunteer/ OR contact: <volunteer@congresssquarepark.org>

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