Volunteer Spotlight: David!

Meet David, this week’s Volunteer Spotlight!


David is one of the original founders of Congress Square Park in 2014 and has been serving the park in various capacities since playing an obviously major role in its creation. He worked with other volunteers Frank Turic and Rob Levin to incorporate the Friends of Congress Square Park and make it a 501 c(3) nonprofit. Since rescuing the park, David has served as the President, Vice President, Chair of the Operations Committee and the park’s most diligent plant waterer. Needless to say, he knows Congress Square Park like the back of his hand!


Though his roles are many, and wide ranging, David most cherishes the space for the way it connects him with the people involved in and enjoying the park. He also loves nothing more than the zen task of watering the garden beds. In fact, David’s perfect day begins with a sunshine and watering in the park with our other dear volunteer Karen Perry. He says, “It is very peaceful and beautiful. After starting the day that way, everything else is good.” As long as there are no pigeons around, an animal he particularly dislikes, the Square is his favorite start to the day!


Over the years, David has collected many touching and humorous stories from his time in the park. He shared one that particularly captured the essence of Congress Square. He writes, “ I think the most touching was last year when talking to a homeless man playing the piano. He told me about how his mother was a piano teacher and taught him how to play. He expressed how wonderful it was for him to be able to play piano again. He was really good!” What a gift to hear how public space can provide access to the means for creativity!


Thank you David, for all you have done to create and maintain the beauty of Congress Square Park! We appreciate you!

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